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Pets Pix has crafted a unique way to allow your customers to not only remember you, but to also create a  terrific way of ensuring they think of you with fond memories.

Pets Pix can create for you a specially crafted "one-off" certificate exclusively for your organisation. It contains your organisation's name and logo - along with contact details. Pets Pix will store this 'template' on our secure site ready to be utilized when you next produce a litter. 

Make no mistake! This Breeder's Certificate is professionally designed, professionally crafted and professionally presented. If your organisation wishes to present a 'professional face', you must use the Pets Pix certificate. We have the latest technology, the most advanced computer software, and highly trained graphic designers. You don't produce shoddy litters, so don't use a shoddy "home made" certificate.

Present the individualized certificate to your purchaser, and it is sure to be hung on their wall. This ensures you have a permanent advertisement for your organisation on display. And with our special offer of a free duplicate certificate for each certificate ordered, you could keep the second certificate to create a "Wall of Fame" at your premises. What a wonderful talking point for people visiting your establishment to purchase a pet.

Not quite ready yet?? Exclusively for you we will prepare a template - at no cost or obligation - for your organization. What a wonderful offer. Have your template prepared, and a 'proof' copy emailed to you for your approval at no cost. Pets Pix will store it on our secure server ready for you to order at a later date. Email us a good graphic file of your logo, along with your details, and we will have a sample certificate emailed back to you within a few days.

Because each certificate will be based on the one template - organisation name, logo, breed description, etc - Pets Pix can offer a specially discounted price specifically for breeders. Each certificate created off the stored 'breeder's template' can be obtained with a special 25% discount
This means the specially crafted 'Breeder's Certificate' will cost only: -
$10.50US - $13.50AU (ex GST) - 6.75UK - $15NZ - these prices do not include our standard postage costs. Contact Pets Pix for currency conversion for other countries.
There is no more efficient and  cost-effective way to guarantee 24/7 advertising for yourself!!!! 

Why not order a batch of certificates as soon as you produce a litter, a great way to save on postage costs. Newly born animals also take incredibly cute photos - excellent for the certificate.
To place your order use the standard Pets Pix order form, ensuring you mark the order clearly that you are a breeder. If you have a standard template already stored on the Pets Pix secure site, make sure you also clearly mark this on the order form.
Calculate your pricing according to the special 25% discount, and proceed as normal with the ordering process.

Can you think of a better and more inexpensive way to advertise your organisation? Each certificate will be on view every day of the year, and each time the new owner looks at the certificate - or boasts to their friends - they will see not only a top-quality personalized certificate, but also an advertisement for your organisation.

The Pets Pix unique production process means we can email you a reduced low-resolution sample of how each certificate looks. The sample is a fully completed individual certificate, containing all your details, and allows you to see the certificate before it undergoes final production using the exclusive Pets Pix process.

[     Click here to see a sample 'Breeder's Certificate'     ]


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