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Special Photo Expose

We welcome all players and their families to the 2003 season. Below you will find some important information regarding your child. Please take the time to read it.

We are currently updating our website ( and invite everyone to have a look. The website contains general information, upcoming events, team reports and the game draw. Coaches can email their game reports directly to Warren through the site, or give them to Kay at the canteen to be forwarded on. The keep things current, reports need to be in by the Tuesday after the game.
If you have any photos you would like to see on the site, talk to Warren at 8/2s training (Tues & Thurs) and he will scan them and return them completely unharmed. Attach a PostIt note with names, etc.

On home game days we desperately need parents to help in the canteen and on the BBQ. Even if you can only spare a half-hour, it would be greatly appreciated. The money raised through the canteen helps us to keep our fees at a reasonable level, and provides the kids with balls, tackle bags and other training gear. If it gets to the stage where we have to pay someone to run the canteen because of lack of volunteers, your fees will go up as a result. So please come and lend a hand, have a laugh and meet other parents form the club.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month we hold our meeting in the Leagues Club. If you would like to know what is happening with our club, or you have something you would like to discuss, come along. Meetings start at 7.30pm in the function room at the top of the stairs.

Parents and other supporters are reminded that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS ALCOHOL allowed on the oval. Anyone consuming alcohol with the club's grounds, training or junior games will be asked to leave the vicinity.

We wish everyone a safe and successful 2003 season.


Brand New Raffles
Starting on the 10th of July  we have a brand new raffle at Wallarah Bay Recreation Club. This raffle will be held every Thursday with tickets on sale at 5pm and the raffle drawn at 6pm.
More information when it comes to hand, but we will probably need some more people to join our band of dedicated volunteers.

Every Friday night we have a raffle at Wyong Rugby League Club. Volunteers from each team are required to sell raffle tickets. Tickets go on sale at 5.15pm for some terrific Seafood and Meat Trays.
Each week it's a different team's turn. See Karen Wilde, Gavin Wand or Rod Cox if you are interested in helping out.

Game Days
We still need more parents to help out on game days to Set Up and Pull Down and Timekeepers. We also need help in the canteen and on the BBQ. Please help, and it shouldn't be too much of burden - you are at the ground before your child plays anyway. And who knows? You may even have a good time.

If you have a problem within your team, please try to sort it out with the manager and not get into a slinging match with your child's coach. Remember that your coach has other things on his mind when he is trying to coach.
Also remember that you signed a parent's conduct form when you registered your child.

Don't forget - where possible try to use our sponsors as they help to put your children on the football field.

Future Events
In the future it is hoped to hold a Family Golf Day as well as a Lawn Bowling Day. Why don't you all come along and have a good time. This is a great opportunity to get to know lets of parents and win some terrific prizes.

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