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The boxing kangaroo, an animal that never gives up and doesn't take a backward step.
What better logo for the mighty Wyong Juniors?

Training has commenced for most age groups. Click on your age group link to see the names of coaches, and training days & times.

Remember that no child should be training (for insurance purposes), unless an application form is completed and a $50 deposit is paid per family

2nd APRIL 2005

It is very important that you do not park your car in the Wyong Leagues Club's car park!!!!!
Just remember that the Leagues Club is the Junior's lifeline. We must ensure that the relationship between us always  remains cordial.
There are deliveries being made at all hours of the day, and the workers need somewhere to park their car. 
If parents are parked in the car park this inconveniences everyone.

As a courtesy we must follow the Leagues Club's direction. Do not park in their car park!!!!!

Club Song

Roo's News
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and the special

2003 Vic Saunders Carnival

The Wyong Junior Roos fortnightly newletter. Please contribute to Karen Wilde to make this newsletter a source of information for everyone

Check the
2005 DRAW

Follow this link to all the details

Coaches/Managers - Email in your match report

Parents & Spectators Code of Conduct
* Support your child and team in a positive manner
* Never let match disappointment cause loss of control
* Never use abusive language to players, referees or other supporters
* Never sledge players, referees or other supporters
* Be positive with your child after a match - win, lose or draw
* Encourage your child to show good sportsmanship
* Violent comments and behaviour on the sideline can lead to violence on the field
* No-one is to blame for a defeat - it is all part of playing the game
* REMEMBER - the most important part of playing football is to develop physical and social skills in your child. Let them enjoy the game.
 Spectators are reminded that there is NO ALCOHOL allowed on the ovals at any time

Come along and have some fun on the Barbie

At all home games this season and will require help to set up the field and run the BBQ and canteen. We have the same faces, for sometimes up to 12 hours, doing everything so that your child can play football - and most of these people are already aligned with a team as a coach, manager, trainer or assistant.
So that means they already do an awful lot for your child and are then forced to do even more because, if they don't, there would not be fields to play on, and canteen facilities to feed everyone.

We are asking all parents to try to help in some way during the course of the day. You would be surprised how much difference just 
30 minutes can make. 
We arrive at the ground at 6am and usually finish at 6pm. Helping out is pretty easy to do as all players have to be at the ground at least half an hour before their match so this is the ideal time to lend a hand.

Just sign in at the canteen and ask what can be done (you need to sign the book for insurance reasons).
It would be great if this subject did not have to be mentioned again for the rest of the year due to a huge response at every home game.

Please remember that all junior sport relies heavily on its volunteers, sponsors and supporters. You may not be in a position to be a sponsor, but we can all be volunteers - naturally we are already supporters.

2005 Executive

President: John Gallagher 0409 920 766

Snr. Vice President: Peter Kelly
Jnr. Vice Presidents: Cameron Holmes
Karen Wilde
Secretary: Jodi Clark 0412 064 405
Treasurer: Dianne Millington
Newsletter co-ordinator : Jodie Matthews -
Web Coordinator Warren Butler -
Canteen Contact: 4392 0766


Our meetings are on the third Monday of each month in the Wallarah Bay Reaction Club at 7pm
- all are welcome

Next Meeting:- 18th April




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