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Under 6's

Coach: Peter Kelly
Martha Kelly

Photo taken by <<Whoever>>
Please get us a photo of the team - these Souths blokes are looking tired


Bailey Brew
Mitchell Brown
Joshua Camilleri

Jason Carroll
Jesse Clark-Ewers
Kieran Dayman
Matthew Gibbs
Adam Keighran

Thomas Kelly
Jordan Pateman
Boston Smith



A great game for everyone on Saturday Adam scored three tries Boston two & Josh scored one for the green team, Trent scored two with Duncan & Michael scoring one each for the gold team, Bailey, Mitch, Jesse, & Jordan were all up first in defence & having some solid runs with Tommy, Matthew, Keiran and Jason all getting in helping in the tackles & running the ball up well, we also passed the ball a few times which is good to see. Conner, Darby, Ryan & Patrick all had some good runs & tackled well with Jacob, Thomas, Joshua, & Jack all getting involved in defence and running the ball up well, It was great to see the boys all join up & sing the club song together after the game. Good luck to both teams this weekend.

Round 10
Mat did a great job again, the boys have got used to him & everyone played well, Adam scored three tries, Boston scored one & kicked a goal, with Bailey & Jordan scoring one try each, Jesse played great making lots of tackles, Mitch & Josh played good with Tommy, Jason & Kieran all getting involved & making tackles, A big thanks to Mat, Deny & Shane for running the boys, & Clinton for doing our timekeeping & scoring, Martha & I appreciate everyone's help when I can't make the games.

Round 11

A tough game for the boys, Terrigal played very well and were up in defence quickly and that didn't give us a lot of chances with the ball, Jordan & Adam got a try each and tackled well, Jesse, Bailey, Josh and Boston tackled very well, and  along with Matthew and Mitchell, had some good runs. Keiran, Jason and Tommy all played well and had a lot of fun, Thanks to everyone for getting up early for the photos.

Last Saturday night we played an exhibition game at the half time of the 1st grade game between Wyong & Kurri. We played ten minutes flat out and all the boys from both teams had a run with the ball, Trent Pye, Jordan Pateman and Boston Smith scored tries, The crowd was cheering loudly for the boys and they loved every minute of it. Thanks to Troy Pezet & Martha Kelly for organising the game & thanks to all the parents for bringing the boys down, I hope you all enjoyed the footy.

We were picked to be the 2GO Little Legends for this weekend, Sarah from the morning team talked with the boys from both teams after the game and gave out lollies and balloons to all the boys, it was a lot of fun for everyone, Matt and myself got a big bottle of water each and we were given an end of season party at Mcdonalds, a big thanks to Sarah and 2GO for everything, also a very big thanks to Mitchell's Mum Jenny for nominating us.
The game was excellent with both sides scoring three tries each, Bailey and Boston both played great making lots of tackles and both scoring trys, Mick Dezius and Darby Davis backed up as reserves for us and both played very well, Mick scored a try and they both tackled well, Mitch Josh and Jesse all had some long runs and tackled all day, Tommy and Kieran, were getting involved in the tackles and both ran the ball well, Jason came out of his shell and had a great game, he made some great tackles and had some good runs, Kieran Bailey and Boston all backed up for the gold team who played before us and Boston then backed up for the 7/3 green's and played very well making some good tackles and having some long runs.
Great to see our President Rod Cox down supporting the Mini's and helping out with our little legends game. It was a great day and great surprise for the all boys Matt and myself, thanks to everyone involved.

We had a few boys away on holidays so we borrowed Ryan Baker & Jack Waddington from the Gold team, both boys played well having some good runs and getting involved in tackles, Adam scored four tries and kicked a goal, Mitch ran the ball up well and made lots of tackles, Josh also made a lot of tackles and had some good runs, Tommy was getting involved in the tackles and ran the ball up getting a pass away, Kieran made some good tackles and had some good runs, We played one short and all the boys put in a great effort.

Once again Mat did a great job with the boys in my absence, Martha tells me that all the boys were having fun, Adam scored two tries and Boston scored one, Jason, Bailey, Mitch, Josh, Jesse & Kieran all played well and Tommy played with his shadow for the first ten, then got involved and played well for the rest of the game. A big thanks to Mat, Deny and Shane, all your help is appreciated by Martha and myself.

Another great game, all the boys are improving with every game, Jordan scored a try & kicked a goal, Adam scored two tries & also kicked a goal, Mitch & Josh both played good making lots of tackles & having some good runs, Jesse & Matthew were making some good tackles & running the ball up well, Tommy Kieran & Jason were all in helping in the tackles & having runs with the ball, everyone played well & had a lot of fun.
Our last game for the season & we had everyone there, Jason & Tommy along with Kieran & Matthew all had great games, helping out in tackles & running the ball up well, Josh & Jesse both tackled very well & had some good long runs, Bailey & Mitch were running the ball up well, both had some good long runs out of our own end & both boys tackled like champions, Jordan scored one try, Boston scored two & Adam scored two & kicked a goal, all three played very well, especially Adam who played even though he was really sick, Boston backed up for the 7/ 3 green & scored another 5 tries. 
Thanks to all the boys for playing football with me this year & all the parents for their time & effort, Thanks to Matt Dayman for doing such a great job as the trainer & also thanks to Deny Brew, Shane Keighran & Clinton Pateman for their help during the season & on the games I had to work, lastly the biggest thanks goes to my lovely wife Martha for all her help & patience during the season, I could not have done it without her.